Mule Deer Hunt Wyoming - Stuck N the Rut 99

Trav and his good friend Tim drew a Wyoming Mule Deer tag. Our rife builder, Dallas, came along for the ride. After packing in the back country with the mules, they had a day to scout before the mule deer hunting season started. There was quite a few bucks we had glassed, but there was a lot of people hunting in this area as well, so they knew they had to get something done quick on opening morning. The weather threw a curve ball and opening day was a bust, no visibility, and it discouraged a lot of other hunters in the area, but they waited it out until the weather would break. Sure enough, couple days later, the weather cleared for a short enough time for Travis to shoot a big old buck. Unfortunately Tim never was able to tag out on a deer on this trip. Thank you for watching this muledeer hunt, and don't forget to subscribe!!!